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A boy named Jeremy

Posted by Lisa Dillon on

A long time ago I met this boy.  His name was Jeremy and he changed my world.  Jeremy has autism and we met when I was in college and when he was five years old.  At the time I had no idea that I would fall in love with him and helping kids learn.  I didn't know what ABA was and I knew very little about autism.  I remember being in calculus class and barely passing if not failing and then going to his house after school and working with him.  That year changed my life.  We worked on labeling pictures and objects and following simple instructions.  My own school struggles seemed so small to his and they were.  It is now 20 + years later and while my job description has changed over the years and I write more reports than anything else I still love teaching.  I love finding the right materials and breaking down concepts so they are easy to understand.  I love when a child makes a connection on something that had been difficult for a while.

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